New Sash Windows in Farnborough

Where replacement sashes are not an option your property in Hampshire, Sash Windows Farnborough can manufacture and install complete new windows, including the box frame. Sash Windows Farnborough can manufacture complete new windows with either: Single glazed units - for use where historic protection applies, or Double glazed units - that comply with the current Building Regulations in Hampshire. Sash Windows Farnborough use the finest and best materials and techniques to install your sash windows to retain the charm of the original sash windows and keep with the Hampshire rules. Sash Windows Farnborough understand that deciding the right style, material and design of your windows will take time, but getting a quick fix that conserves the special character of your home in Hampshire is rightly quality of the achievement.


Originally, sash windows had been created using timber; however this material presents various challenges when not preserved properly including rotting, rattling and draughtiness but our new windows at strCompnay certainly will have fewer issues like this. Sash Windows Farnborough sash windows are a very good extra to each and every home as they add individuality and character, both to older and modern properties. A new build in Hampshire don't possess personality at times sash windows can bring a touch of tradition and comfort to any home.

Sash Windows Farnborough Offer Elegant Sash Windows across Farnborough


Sash Windows Farnborough Offer Great Quality New Sash Windows!

Modern technology ensures that Sash Windows Farnborough sash windows will not warp or twist, are low maintenance and provide 21st century qualifications of insulation and assurance. If you've got a modern property where traditional timber sash windows may not be able to be installed then don't worry, Sash Windows Farnborough can suggest other alternatives with you.

All of the sash windows that we propose at Sash Windows Farnborough are intentionally low maintenance and designed to enhance your property. Completely new sash windows from Sash Windows Farnborough in your property will offer you a combination of high performance, cosiness and flair for a long period of time.


Cost Effective New Sash Windows by Sash Windows Farnborough

Getting Sash Windows Farnborough to fit new sash windows in your home in Hampshire is an excellent way of introducing the classic style of the sash window into your residency, and in addition to that scoring the most important aids of the now upping. Sash windows from Sash Windows Farnborough are capable of supporting your home or property a perfect imitation of an old Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian building without forgoing any of the modern day benefits of UPVC double glazing.

If you are considering installing new sash windows at your home or business, Sash Windows Farnborough is the solitary company you need to keep in mind. Experience and attention to detail ensure that Sash Windows Farnborough new sashes will elevate the character of any property and spread the lifetime of the finished window.